John Gooday is a wildlife photographer based in England and working  in the UK, continental Europe and Southern Africa. He travels extensively to photograph birds, beasts and the occasional landscape. Most of his work is shot for agencies, book publishers and magazines. John also leads a limited number of wildlife photography workshops both independently and for The Field Studies Council


Welcome to my wildlife photography website. This is where I share some of the images I've taken of birds and beasts, and talk about  how they were made. Nothing too technical - it's not meant to be a lecture series - just some hints and tips that might help you recreate the sort of photos you'll see here.

 If you want to keep up to date with the things I'm involved in the easiest way is to 'friend' me on Facebook (you just need to click the Facebook 'f' button at the bottom right of the page) or subscribe to receive my blog by email (you can sign up at the bottom of the page). If I'm somewhere remote, it may take a few days for me to respond but I'll get around to it - promise!  

Two agencies currently manage licensing of my commercial portfolio: Nature In Stock  and Alamy. Images are syndicated by them to other agencies around the world (e.g. Minden Pictures in the US, Getty Images worldwide). If you're an image editor, feature writer or other trendy media type then this is the best place to go to obtain my work. 

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Image copyright Martin Hardy

Image copyright Martin Hardy