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Wild Bird Photography in Hungary


Koros-Maros National Park Hungary

 May 2019   £895

 Exact dates and booking to be announced in July

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Join us for an intense small group (4 guests max. per workshop) 5-night Wildlife Photography Workshop set  in and around Koros-Maros National Park, Hungary. Every day we’ll be photographing a variety of wild birds from a mixture of pop-up and permanent hides while learning the key techniques of bird photography. I’ll be on hand to give you one-to-one guidance and help you get the most from your visit and equipment. There’s also the chance for you to learn advanced use of flash to tame tricky lighting situations including harsh sunlight and limited light.

This is very much real wild life photography - we’ll be starting very early(often 4am) to be in place ready for the first action, usually taking a break in the middle of the day before continuing later in the afternoon when the light becomes softer. Sometimes we’ll continue shooting straight through the day, if subject and light are good.  There will usually be periods of waiting followed by frantic bursts of activity. You’ll have to work harder and longer than on some other photography workshops but you’ll learn a lot that you’ll be able to apply to your photography elsewhere and return home with a portfolio of images.


The price of the trip (£895) is for  5 nights including accommodation, meals and transport/airport transfers. Please note that flights to Hungary, travel insurance and alcoholic drinks are not included!  

Detailed Information:

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