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Day and Night 24 hour Masterclass

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Day and Night 24 hour Masterclass

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In this intensive workshop, you’ll be joining professional wildlife photographer John Gooday for full-on wildlife shoot from a hide complex in the Lincolnshire countryside covering both night photography (our targets will be otters, owls and herons) and daylight work (buzzards, red kites, kingfishers, woodland birds, herons, egrets). You will be working, eating and sleeping (although not for very long) in a luxury heated hide facility on private land.

Starting at 3pm, John will explain the detailed plan for the next 24 hours taking into account weather conditions, recent sightings and image goals. You’ll then be guided through creating lighting set-ups to maximise image quality while minimising disturbance to wildlife. Don’t worry if you haven't used flash before - you’ll be tutored in the techniques. Once the stage is set, we will make ourselves comfortable in the hide, set up cameras and lenses and wait for the night’s wildlife to appear. John will be alongside you to review images as you shoot, offer advice and fix any problems you run into. (Lighting equipment will be supplied as part of the workshop, but if you would prefer to bring your own equipment please contact John in advance).

During the night we’ll wait for wildlife and photograph as it arrives. Camp beds are provided for you to grab a little sleep.

Just before daybreak, we will remove the lighting equipment and set the area ready for daylight wildlife. We’ll use three separate shooting areas in the hide. In the pond area we’ll look at approaches to kingfisher photography, both portrait and action. At the feeder section we’ll concentrate on composition, background and camera technique for woodland bird portraits, remaining alert for the Sparrowhawk that chase the smaller birds. In the grassland area we’ll wait for any buzzards, red kites or corvids that visit, finishing around sunset.

Each workshop will have just two participants to ensure the best teaching and shooting experience.

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