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Final payment: Hungary Wild Bird Photography Workshop 24 May 2018

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Final payment: Hungary Wild Bird Photography Workshop 24 May 2018


The final payment for those who have already booked and previously paid the deposit for the May 24 2018 Wild Bird Workshop in Hungary.

By making this payment you consent to our workshop terms and conditions below:

1. A reservation is made once a booking form, together with deposit, has been received from you and the booking is confirmed in writing, or by email, by John Gooday Photography. Provisional bookings can be held for 14 days, pending receipt of the completed booking form and deposit.

2. Deposit paid is not refundable unless the holiday/workshop (hereinafter “the event”) is cancelled by John Gooday Photography. Balances are due by the date stipulated on the booking form. Unless notice of cancellation is received in writing prior to the balance payment date, balance monies will remain due and payable. If the balance is not received, your booking is at risk and John Gooday Photography reserve the right to resell that place(s).

3. In the case of international payments you will ensure that the full GBP Sterling amount is received by John Gooday Photography after all bank charges and any interest rate fluctuations have been levied.

4. You acknowledge that payment for the event is a fundamental part of the event’s income and contributes to the overall cost of equipment, running costs, staffing, administration etc., And that John Gooday Photography will have incurred the largest part of its costs before the actual commencement of the event. Cancellations must be in writing and be made by the person who submitted the booking form or legally appointed person.

5. Cancellation requests will be dealt with sympathetically and, providing there is no loss to John Gooday Photography, we will endeavour to offer an alternative date for the event you are no longer able to attend. No refund will be offered.

6. Where there is a potential loss to John Gooday Photography and that event has been “sold out”, then we will only offer an alternative date providing John Gooday Photography is able to fill the place you wish to cancel. If we are unable to fill that place, then no alternative place will be offered nor will a refund be offered.

7. No refund will be made should you voluntarily leave an event early.

8. In situations where John Gooday Photography is successful in selling an event on a customer’s behalf, and where we have not incurred loss of income, John Gooday Photography will withhold the deposit as per condition 2. The remaining balance will be credited towards an alternative event.

9. John Gooday Photography reserves the right to change the programme due to circumstances beyond our control. Any significant alterations will be advised to you, and any alterations so made will be of similar quality to those decided previously.

10. John Gooday Photography reserve the right to cancel the event if that event is not financially viable due to insufficient numbers. If the event is cancelled due to insufficient numbers, an alternative course date, or a full refund of the amount paid by you will be offered.

11. If John Gooday Photography needs to cancel an event for any reason, a full refund of the amount paid by you will be made, however John Gooday Photography can accept no further liability.

12. UK workshop cancellation due to bad weather. John Gooday Photography will make a weather check the night before the workshop is due to run, and will notify members as to the running of the day. If the day is cancelled an alternative date will be offered.

13. You acknowledge that you are responsible for making yourself aware through Foreign Office advice, State Department warnings and any other sources available to you in regard to the safety of the countries and areas in which you will be travelling and to make your decisions accordingly.

14. John Gooday Photography will do their best to inform clients of relevant changes to the FCO Travel Advice (, but it is up to you, and not John Gooday Photography, to know what the FCO travel advice to a certain country, or region of a country, is and to be adequately insured to travel there. John Gooday Photography accepts no liability if you:

a. Choose to cancel a booking because of FCO advice or

b. Are not adequately insured to travel

15. John Gooday Photography cannot and does not guarantee that birds/photography subject matter will be present or responsive at any given location/time, and no refunds will be made due to a lack of photography subject matter availability.

16. Workshops and photography holidays will begin at scheduled times regardless of participant’s tardiness in order to be fair to the rest of the group.

17. Any special dietary, allergenic, physical or other needs/concerns should be communicated to John Gooday Photography with this booking form.

18. While John Gooday Photography is familiar with many camera systems, participants must have a working knowledge of all their equipment prior to the event.

19. John Gooday Photography cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items, or for personal accident or injury, all activities are entered into at your own risk.

20. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to waive the right to any appeal. By returning the booking form, it is confirmed that you accept and agree to be bound by these conditions.

21. John Gooday Photography is not a travel agency and we do not book or take money for flights – you are responsible for your own travel arrangements both to and from your chosen UK departure point & our destination airport.

Holiday Insurance Indemnity

John Gooday Photography cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items, or for personal accident or injury, all activities are entered into at your own risk.

It is a fundamental condition of all our holidays that your own personal travel insurance be in place, covering cancellation and curtailment, medical and emergency expenses (including repatriation), personal accident, injury and death in addition to loss of/damage to luggage and possessions, personal possessions and flight cancellations/delays.

By making the final payment of workshop fees you acknowledge that John Gooday Photography has taken all reasonable steps to safeguard its liability in this respect.

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Final payment *only for existing attendees* at the Hungary Wild Bird Photography Workshops, May 2016