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Wildlife Flash Techniques Sat 25th March 2017

herons fighting at night lab color _D5A6994 2048 sRGB 70 percent.jpg
herons fighting at night lab color _D5A6994 2048 sRGB 70 percent.jpg
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Wildlife Flash Techniques Sat 25th March 2017



  •  Positioning flashes for best effect
  • When and how to use ETTL / iTTL (and FEL), and manual settings
  • High Speed Sync / FP Sync - uses and limitations
  • Using modifiers to shape and soften light
  • When and how to use flash gels
  •  Key daylight flash techniques:
    • Fill (for harsh sunlight / backlight)
    • Making the subject stand out from its surroundings
    • Overpowering daylight
    • Lighting action scenes
  • Key night time flash techniques
    • Lighting for sunset / twilight
    • Creating a backlight halo effect
    • Focussing techniques at night
    • Setting up for stills
    • Mixing flash with continuous light sources (spotlights/floodlights/streetlights)
    • Action:
    • How flash power impacts motion stopping (understanding t-curves)
      • Freezing fast action
      • Introducing controlled motion blur
      • Dragging the shutter to add starscapes / habitat
      • Multi-image strobe technique
  • Advanced equipment options

You'll need: A DSLR, tripod, lens in the 100-300mm range (plus wide angle if you'd like an alternative perspective); one or more Speedlights with at least eTTL/iTTL and manual settings (plus HSS / FP Sync and strobe/multi if you'd like to try these techniques with us); radio trigger system for your flashes(e.g. Pocket Wizard, Yongnou 622 system, manufacturer's own system or others that support eTTL/iTTL, HSS). Warm outdoor clothing and footware and a good torch,

Contact me directly for any specific equipment queries:

The workshop will run from 14:00 until 21:00 (aprox) and will be held in the Lee Valley Nature Park approx. 10 mins from Junction 24 of the M25.

Workshops are limited to just 6 participants and places are assigned on a first-come basis.

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